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Greener Planet Solutions North America is a Michigan-based company whose primary mission is to provide cutting-edge technology for use in the areas of water and wastewater treatment, energy conservation, and alternative energy. With a vision of environmental responsibility, we provide state-of-the-art solutions for municipal, agricultural, and industrial sized applications.

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GPS North America’s corporate offices are in Ann Arbor, MI and also shares a 25,000 sq. ft. R&D facility with Blissfield Manufacturing located in Blissfield, MI. Our focus on core environmental products provides value-added services to a large customer base throughout North America with a near-term target of a select group of countries overseas and in the South and Central Americas.

With offerings that are technically advanced and that provide many clear-cut advantages and improvements over competitors’ potential offerings, Greener Planet Solutions North America will continue to expand through R&D efforts, IP creation, and licensing acquisitions in related environmental technology and/or market segments.


Blissfield Manufacturing Company

Blissfield Manufacturing Company is a family-owned business that was founded in 1946 to produce compressors and condensing units for the commercial refrigeration industry. Since then, they have engineered and manufactured innovative offerings in the Automotive, Off-Highway, Industrial, HVAC, Commercial & Beverage refrigeration as well as in the restaurant equipment markets. They also design and build special systems for a multitude of markets. This however is only the beginning…

Blissfield Manufacturing Company has been very proactive in the Green Technology movement having developed and refined technologies that embrace the core principals of energy awareness. They have developed an umbrella of environmental solutions that specifically targets energy conservation and renewable energy solutions. They offer unique array of green technologies that are of the highest quality and craftsmanship.


DynamOx developed a highly efficient delivery system for injecting oxygen, ozone, or other gases into liquids for use in municipal, industrial, and agricultural applications. The license for this system has been awarded to Blissfield Manufacturing Company for use in the PrO2.  Combined with their own IP, the PrO2 is a very rugged, robust and flexible dissolved oxygen delivery system.

DynamOx’s years of field testing established technical supporting data and case studies proving its effectiveness in municipal, industrial, and agricultural wastewater, as well as groundwater applications. Their ability to deliver highly supersaturated waters/wastewaters, virtually without off-gassing, provides a number of applications which are useful in a variety of environmental challenges.